Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Very Little Bit of Progress

I'm ashamed to admit that there has been almost no sewing related activity going on here in the last week. I did just barely manage to get the smocking on the bodice of Sweet Arabella completed. Thank goodness there are no bullion roses or who knows when it would get finished.

Of course, now there are sleeves to pleat and smock, and as much as I'd like to just get them done right now, I know something will interfere.

And here is Temily. As you can see, the smocking is pretty much complete, except for tying off a couple of threads. I had so hoped that this would be a quick project. And it probably would be if I could just find some time to work on it.

Time, and a clear spot on the kitchen table. There are still a couple of hours until dinner time, so I think I'll go see if I can squeeze in some cutting time. If I can just get those sleeves cut out, I can smock on them here and there throughout the week. And I think I already cut out the rest of Temily so I just need to cut some bias strips for piping and I think I can get started on putting it together. Hopefully there will be more progress to report before long.

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