Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finished Object and New Projects

 The weather has finally cooled down, we've had some rain, and fall is in the air.  As usual, I've gotten the urge to stitch.  But before I settled down with some pretty autumn themed projects, I decided to finish up a UFO- Nan's Garden from Just Nan.

This design came out in 2000, and I've had it since shortly after it was released.  I bought it because of the frog charm that came with it.  See him in the garden?

I stitched it on 32 count Antique Lace linen instead of the recommended 28 ct so my sampler turned out a little bit smaller than the model- 3.25" X 8" or 8.25" if you count the initials and date at the bottom. 
It was a pretty good stitch.  I love the little back-stitched animals/figures that are so often a part of Just Nan designs.  This one has turtles and butterflies.  However, sometimes the designs tend to get a little tedious as they are heavy on the cross stitch, with lots of color changes and one or two stitches of a particular color here and there, and not enough specialty stitches to keep my attention.  I think that's part of the reason this took me so long to complete. (I started this in February 2011!)
But like I said, it is fall, and I'm yearning to stitch something up in some gorgeous fall colors.  So I went through my stash and picked out a few possible projects and then I ordered some delicious hand dyed fibers to get started:

My "local" needlework store was kind enough to include a free pattern using some of the colors I'd ordered.

What a coincidence, I thought, until I realized that the cute little pumpkin chart by Jeanette Douglas matches the pumpkin at the bottom of the sampler (also by Jeanette Douglas) that I put on my to-stitch list.

This is Pumpkin Sampler from the September/October issue of Just Cross Stitch.  It looks like a quick stitch with lots of specialty stitches, beads, and of course, gorgeous colors!  And pumpkins!  I love pumpkins- I even have a collection of them!

How about you?  Does the change in seasons prompt you to want to stitch or sew something special?  Does it make you turn to a different craft or hobby?  What are your creative outlets for fall?