Monday, November 26, 2007

While I Have Sleeves on my Mind...

... I thought I'd share this photo real quick:

This is a little dress I made for the Princess when she was about a year old. I used a pattern called Blue Bonnet from AS&E #52, but the smocking design is "Ellen" by Ellen McCarn. The dress is white batiste smocked in pale blue and yellow, one of my all time favorite color combinations for little girl dresses. But the reason I'm sharing, is because of the wonderful sleeves. The sleeves are why I made this particular pattern. They were cut extra long and the excess was folded back and then the double thickness was pleated. Then the sleeves were smocked all the way to the bottom folded edge, resulting in a "smocked cuff" effect. This dress was just stunning on the Princess- I loved it so much I made the exact same dress in seafoam green and smocked it in pink. Sometimes it's just one element of a project that makes me fall in love with it, and for this dress it was definately the sleeves. Sometime (soon) I will have to make a new dress with sleeves like this.

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angie.a said...

This is my favorite dress you've shared from Savannah's Closet. I remember when you made this and I was green with envy. The sleeves are GORGEOUS.