Friday, May 23, 2014


Have you seen this dress in the May issue of Burda Style?

When I first saw it, I admired it and kept on paging through the magazine.  That was a month ago.  Then I looked again and decided I might like to have a go at  making it.

I like the shape and the contrast of the print center panel against the solid sides.  I also like that the center is a knit and the rest of the dress is a stretch woven.  The asymmetrical neckline is rather interesting, too.

I decided to take Burda's lead in choosing fabrics and these lovelies are on their way to me right now:

Vivid Stretch Jersey Stripe

Bermuda Stretch Pique

Bright, saturated summer colors- I hope they are as exciting in person as they are on the screen.  Let the muslin begin!