Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The High Waisted Skirt

Here it is, finally... Vogue 8425, the High Waisted Skirt:

Sorry about the crummy indoor photo, but it got COLD today.

What can I say? I LOVE this skirt. I love the way it looks, the way it feels, and I just love having a skirt sit at my real waist for a change.

This skirt was super easy (if you don't count that horrible blunder with the invisible zipper that I blogged about previously!) I made the skirt out of inexpensive gabardine from Hancock Fabrics. I cut an 18, but I figured I'd have to take it in somewhat, so I sewed the complete front and the complete back, and then sewed the side seams last. I ended up taking it in to a 16 at the waist and just a smidge more than a 16 through the hips. I probably could even go all the way down to the 16 since I'll be wearing it with pantyhose and a slip. I made view A without the belt loops. I like the wide cummerbund type waist and don't want to wear a belt with this. The shorter length is perfect for me. I think it hits me right at the best spot on my leg. I did not line the skirt since I'll be wearing a slip but I did serge all the inside seams. I used a very heavy interfacing on the waist facings, in fact, I think it may have been some type of craft interfacing that I found lying around my sewing room. It holds the waistband shape just fine and was still comfortable. This picture was taken after wearing the skirt all day at work.

Did I mention I love this skirt? You can bet I'll be making it again, maybe with the waistband from view C. I already have a small scale black and white houndstooth in mind. Come to think of it, I've been wanting a gray skirt, too.

Don't be afraid of this skirt. Yes, the waist is high, but it's not that high. If the drawings on the pattern envelope appeal to you at all, go ahead and try it. I think you'll be very pleased!


Vicki W said...

It's very flattering on you too!

Shannon said...

Thanks, Vicki!

jemima bean said...

This looks FABULOUS on you!! VaVoom! :D