Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just What I Need- A New Project

Have you seen the new (January) issue of Burda Style? It's amazing! I couldn't help myself- I had to make a muslin of this little retro styled flutter sleeve top:
Here's the line drawing so you can see how lovely it is:
For my muslin I cut a 44 through the bodice and a 46 through the peplum. It was way too big, which is odd, since that is my "regular" Burda size. I think this top might run a little bit on the large side. Definitely make a muslin if you are thinking about making this.
This is a 2.5 dot pattern, but beware, it is fussy to make (and I only did a quick and dirty muslin.) You have:
a. The gathered dart thingies on the front of the bodice
b. The inset square sleeves (front and back)
c The gathered bodice sewn to a tiny and seriously curved yoke edge
Now on it's own, none of these things are all that hard, but all of them on one garment are pushing it!
Also, take a good look at the center front in relation to the front edge. They are a full inch apart, which means that you'll end up with two inches of overlap in the front when you finish the edges and match up the CFs. That seems like a lot, especially if you use the buttons and loops as instructed.

I have a new (smaller) pattern all traced and ready to go, and I am going to go for a wearable version using the fabric in the photo above. Wish me luck.
Anybody else making this top?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Break

My Christmas Break has finally begun. I don't have to go back to work until January 3rd! That's next year!

This past week I've really been feeling the itch to stitch. Check out how much I've done on Cider House Garden- in just the last three nights.
Sunday night I completed the trees on either side of the house and began backstitching the house itself. Monday night I finished the back stitching and began working in earnest on the orchard behind (above) the house. Last night I almost completed the orchard. I still need to backstitch and add beads, but I always wait until last to complete any beeading.

The trees on either side of the house are probably the most tedious part of the piece. There are lots of quarter stitches, floating stitches, color changes, and intricate backstitching. But I really didn't mind. I just turned on some Criminal Minds re-runs and enjoyed the process.

I think the finished trees are very striking and really add to the overall effect of the piece.
Tonight I plan to finish backstitching the orchard, and move on to the bottom where I still need to add the pumpkins to the greenery below the fence and backstitch the title. Then all I'll have left is the border. I'm starting to see a light at the end of this tunnel!
In other news, the Burda cover dress is all cut out and ready to be assembled.
I didn't get it done in time for the Christmas party, but I certainly plan to have it ready to wear when I go back to work after the holidays.

So what are you working on in these last couple of days before Christmas?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Picking Up a UFO

Last week I was very much looking forward to the weekend so I could work on the Burda Cover Dress. Unfortunately, I fell prey to a nasty stomach bug on Friday afternoon and I was pretty much wiped out for the whole weekend. I felt too bad to even think about sewing.

Luckily, by Sunday afternoon I was finally starting to feel almost normal again. It was too late to drag out a full blown sewing project, so I pulled out this little UFO instead. Remember Cider House Garden?
I already had quite a bit done, but yesterday I finished backstitching the apple baskets and the quilts. I also finished the fence at the bottom and started on the greenery below it. I added the trees on either side of the house, filled in the barrels in front of the house and added a round of green cross stitches to the roof.

Here's a close-up of the greenery below the fence. I just need to add the pumpkins and it will be done!

I also pulled this sweet little piece out. I think I've shared this before. It's a Christmas design by Just Nan. I need to finish this up as an ornament and hang it on the tree. As you can see from the date stitched on it, it's only been waiting for 9 years to be completed!

I do plan to get back to the cover dress soon, but the stitching bug has ahold of me and I'm going to just see where it takes me.

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


... But still not much Christmas spirit around here to speak of.

As you can see, the sampler is complete and mounted on a 5 X 7 piece of foam core board. I need to pick up a frame for it, and it can go on display somewhere in my living room.
There's not much to tell. As mentioned before, I used a combination of Sampler Threads (the red, light green and gold) and DMC floss (the dark green in the wreaths and the brown above and below the wreath section.) There are three tiny polymer clay button embellishments- a holly leaf, a wreath, and a star. I stitched it according to the pattern instructions, adding only my initials and the date at the bottom. I used a scrap of 32ct ivory linen from my stash.
I enjoyed stitching this. It was nice to be able to sit down in the evening and work on a small project while "watching" TV. I'm tempted to go dig around in my needlework box and pull out a UFO to work on. Heaven knows I have several!
Stay tuned for an update on the Burda cover dress soon. I'd love to have it done in time to wear it to my company Christmas party next week. Nothing like putting a little pressure on myself...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Still Trying...

... To find that Christmas Spirit.
As you can see, I've finished the wreaths and added a few more rows of stitches. This little piece is really fun and relaxing to stitch. I guess because it's small, I don't feel pressure like I sometimes do with a larger project.

We're going to put our Christmas tree up this afternoon, and then later this evening when the dust settles, I'll stitch another row or two. It will be done before I know it.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Trying to Find a Little Bit of Christmas Spirit

I feel like I've just barely recovered from Thanksgiving, so in an attempt to muster up a little excitement about Christmas, I pulled out this tiny sampler titled "Season's Greetings" by The Trilogy.
I have several other "big" projects I could have chosen, but I figured I'd stay small- this piece will measure approximatley 3" by 4" when finished- because if there's one thing I don't need around here, it's another UFO.

I'm stitching this in a combination of Sampler Threads and DMC floss that I had on hand. The finished sampler will feature several rows of specialty stitches and will be embellished with three tiny polymer clay buttons. It will be very cute when it's done. And hopefully I will be all ready for Christmas!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

The sewing swing, that is.

Now that things have sort of calmed down and we're in that "lull" between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I've been back in the sewing room. Hopefully, I'll have a few things to share this month.

The first project up is Burda Style 09-2010-122, better known as the September cover dress.

I have made a successful muslin and I'm about to begin making the real thing. I'll be using red point-de-roma from Hancock Fabrics, and my version will most likely not have the controversial sleeve flaps. I really do like them, but I'm afraid they will quickly become "so last year" and I'd like to get some mileage out of this dress. Besides, I'm planning to wear this with a black turtleneck underneath, and I think it will look better without the flaps. (And is it me, or do the ones in the photo look a little... droopy?)

Check back soon for a progress report. What could be better than a new red dress just in time for Christmas?