Friday, November 23, 2007

Sewing Paralysis

Well, with the holiday, it's a four day weekend for me, and I was all ready to get started on this:

Yeah, it's the McCalls pleated dress and a plaid fabric. The fabric is really pretty- a pink and brown combo that I really like, and I was thinking of doing view B, the one with the straight skirt and the pleated neckline. But.....

My last two sewing projects have run into some major problems. First there was the Zipper Incident while working on the High Waisted Skirt, and then just the other night, I had a horrifying serger accident while working on T2 (which still is not finished.) I decided to serge the side front seams before topstitching them down, and somehow, my fabric got hung up under the knife and I ended up cutting a huge gash in the side front piece. Thank goodness it was the side piece and not the center front or I probably would have chunked the serger through the window. I was able to fix it, but it was time-consuming and disheartening.

So now I am experiencing some sewing paralysis. After two serious blunders, I'm questioning the wisdom of starting a plaid project. Am I just asking for another disaster? I'm going to spend some time working on T2 this afternoon (I've promised the Princess she can wear it to school Monday, so I better get busy) and I'm going to finally cut the sleeves for Sweet Arabella and get them pleated and smocked. Maybe if these two projects go smoothly, I'll feel motivated to get going on the dress.

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