Sunday, January 13, 2008


Mission accomplished. Temily #3 is done!

And it's a success, if I do say so myself. The Princess is pleased and has already requested to wear it to school tomorrow.

I think the contrast center panel looks great. In fact, I have another one ready to go already. I made this one pretty much exactly like the poodle version, except I didn't do any topstitiching- don't think it needs it- and I made short sleeves. I asked the Princess what kind of sleeves she wanted, and this is what she requested. Plus, I thought the short sleeves would take us through the spring and summer. Now I need to make some shorts or capri pants to go with it.

Alright, I'm off to sew some more. So far, this stash reduction thing is fun!


jemima bean said...

Oh it looks great!! I love the smocking, you need to do a close up pic so I can see better :D The colors look smashing!

Juliane said...

This is darling!