Saturday, October 13, 2007

Another UFO! Oh My!

This is another smocked UFO that I've pulled out in hopes of getting it completed before the Princess decides she's too old to wear smocked dresses. I have a beautiful cotton print stashed away for this. The smocking colors were chosen specifically to go with the print which is a medium scaled rose floral in shades of periwinkle blue and deep rose pink. I can't wait to see it finished.

As you can see, the smocking (and back smocking) are complete. All that remains is the embroidery, of course. I still need to put blue flowers on the green arches across the top, and a pink rosebud at each green point. Then there will be a cluster of four large pink bullion roses and lazy daisy leaves in the middle of each open area. The finished plate is absolutely stunning.

The smocking plate is called Reagan Emily and it's from a book called Classic Smocking, The Cheryl Lohmann Collection. This book is absolutely gorgeous. It's a collection of fourteen beautiful smocking plates. Directions are given for each plate along with a close-up photograph and a photo of each plate used in a lovely finished garment. There is even a center pull-out with patterns for two dresses. So the book is not only good for inspiration, but it's completely useable as well.

As for the other SDIP (Smocked Dress in Progress), I hope to have it finished today. The sleeves are now attached to the dress and I am ready to sew up the sashes and attach those. The side seams can then be stitched up and the Princess can try it on so I can mark the hem. She is very excited about it, too. And if I can get it all done today, she can wear it to church tomorrow. And we all know the thrill of wearing a beautiful new dress for the first time!

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