Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Need New Clothes

Lately I've been feeling like I don't have a thing to wear. I finally took the plunge and purged my closet of all my pants that were too big, and a few things that I just didn't like anymore. I need to go through it again and get rid of even more. The problem is, what do I wear now? I really want to replenish my wardrobe with some up to date pieces for work, and I really want to sew some of them. Unfortunately, my stash is geared more to summer sewing- it's filled with colorful cotton prints. I have managed to dig through it and come up with several pieces of fabric that are suitable for fall sewing, and since this is a long weekend, I figure I need to at least get started on a new project for me. First up is this:

I've had this pattern for a couple of years, so maybe it doesn't really qualify as "up to date," but I like it and I've had the fabric, a chocolate brown gauze with turquoise embroidery, picked out for a couple of years too. Also, my pattern is sized 16 through 24, and if I don't make it soon, I won't be able to use it. I think the dress is pretty and will be flattering on me, and the shrug will make it modest enough (and warm enough) to wear to work. It looks pretty easy, too. I guess I'll find out this weekend!

I will also be putting the finishing touches (buttons) on the Children's Corner Emma that I've been working on, and I need to sew the Hello Kitty dress, or Savannah won't have a chance to wear it. I guess I better stop blogging and start sewing!

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jemima bean said...

I don't have this one either! How did I miss all the cute NL's??

I really need to finish Lu's outfit too. It just needs sleeves & hand-finishing. WHY do I procrastinate on the finishing??