Monday, August 13, 2007

Slow but Steady Progress

I made a little bit of headway on NL6348 last night. I sewed the bodice to the lining at the armholes and got the bodice pieces turned right side out, pressed, and topstitched. Attaching the cap sleeves to the bodice and then attaching the lining at that point was the only fussy part of this pattern, and then only because it entails sewing a convex curve to a concave one. I also put in the gathering threads under the bust and basted the bodice pieces together at center front. So far, so good. Tonight I hope to stitch the skirt backs to the front and check the line where I morphed from one size to the next. I made need to smooth it out a little. Then all I have to do is attach the bodice and put the zipper in and I will know if this project is a success. Cross your fingers for me!

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jemima bean said...

Bah. I just sit and look at my patterns and stash and you keep churning out dresses. I don't have this pattern...why don't I have this pattern?? It's cute!