Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh Yeah, I'm Gonna Make it Again!

I wore my new skirt, Simplicity 3794, to work today.

It was quite a hit. Several people at work told me I looked very nice today and some random woman at Walmart commented on how snazzy my outfit was. I just don't get comments like this every day. So yeah, I'm gonna make another one of these!

I really do like this skirt. It's cute, it's comfortable, and it's quick and easy to put together. I highly recommend it. I made view C out of 100% quilting cotton. The pattern calls for lining, but I didn't do it. I figured the fabric is opaque and I'm going to be wearing a slip with it so I don't need it. But after a couple of hours of sitting at a desk, I did get some wrinkles across my lap, so I might line the next one just to see if it helps cut down on the wrinkles. I love that this skirt has a waist band. This particular waistband is cut on the bias and that coupled with the knit interfacing I used gave it a bit of "give" which I think added to the comfort level. You can't see the waistband in my picture, but trust me, I felt better having it even though it can't be seen.

I may search my stash later tonight for other suitable skirt fabrics. In the meantime, I have a project to work on for my son. He wants to get in on the sewing blog action, too. I figure I better take advantage before he decides he's too grown up to have mom sewing for him.


jemima bean said...

Great skirT!! And I love the new hairdo, very chic.

Juliane said...

This is very flattering on you. Great look!

Cindy said...

Looks great!!!!

Paula said...

Shannon, your outfit looks super! I can see why you got lots of compliments on it.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. The Lizzie McGuire dress actually looks cuter in person than in the pictures on the envelope. I'm hoping to finish it this weekend and get pictures posted.

Pyrose said...

Wow, you look wonderful in that skirt! I really need to make some nice skirts for myself, but I get so busy sewing for my girls, I never have time.