Sunday, April 6, 2008

Flower Power

Flower Power, the third top and bottom in my Wardrobe Plan are done!

I'm sorry the pictures aren't so great, but the Princess has had a stomach bug this weekend and she didn't feel like getting dressed up and posing.

Flower Power is from the book Designer Smocking for Tots to Teens, from the folks who publish AS&E. I love this book! I fell in love with this little outfit as soon as I saw it, and I'm pretty pleased with my version. The Princess also likes it. I used white batiste for the top and smocked it with black floss. I followed the smocking graph and the embroidery guide exactly, except for the bolder colors. Instead of sewing and embroidering the straps, I used black grosgrain ribbon with white dots. It was faster, and I think the black and white adds to the vibe I was going for with this little outfit.

The capri pants are finished with two rows of ruffles and are made out of the flamingo print fabric which I blogged about in a previous post.

This little outfit is cute and easy. I may make it again, but I will have to size it up. I made the largest size offered, a four, and the pants just barely fit the Princess. But I can totally see this top in blue batiste, smocked in white with yellow roses, and trimmed in dainty lace.

Now I'm off to get to work on the Golden Sands Skirt. The top is almost completely done and pictures will follow soon.


Lynn said...

Oh my, that is pretty. Those bullion roses are beautiful. I haven't really mastered bullions, but they would really be perfect for a couple of things I have in mind for Sadie.

Can't wait to see the rest of the wardrobe!

Shannon said...

Thanks, Lynn. I haven't mastered bullions either. My first couple always look kinda funky, but then once I get going they kind of shape up nicely.

Shannon F

Juliane said...

This is amazingly beautiful. You MUST have photos made of her in this outfit!

Cindy said...

Shannon...the outfit is fantastic!! I may have to splurge on this book. You sure make it look like it is worth having!!!

jemima bean said...

Ooh, beautiful!! You are such a fibber though, your bullions are amazing (and always have been!) :D

Tamara said...

Your smocking is beautiful! What a cute outfit.

Blakely said...

Your outfit looks great. I love the smocking. I have to get this book. Thanks for letting me know it is out there.

Pyrose said...

Wow, you did that smocking?! It looks absolutely gorgeous! I've never done smocking, but it looks pretty difficult to me. Great job!