Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Little Astronaut

This is my son, Bryan, in his new Astronaut shirt. I used Simplicity 5581 and a 100% cotton astronaut border print that I'm pretty sure I picked up at Hancock Fabrics last year. Bryan likes his shirt, but we both agree it's a little bit too small. It's kind of odd, because we measured him carefully and used the correct size according to the back of the pattern envelope. The pattern has boys' sizes S-L and mens' sizes S-XL. We used the boys' Large. The shoulder seams seem to be in the right place, but I think the sleeves are too short and the shirt length is definately too short. Bryan says that the shirt is too tight if he bends over or raises his arms. Translation: not enough ease. So this pattern is pretty much useless for us because it jumps from this size to mens' Small, which is way too big for Bryan. We'll be searching my stash for a new pattern for our next project. I've made lots of boys' shirts and I know there are more suitable patterns we can use. Aside from the size issues, this shirt is quick and easy. There are only four pattern pieces- five if you use the patch pocket. You could easily make this in an evening. If you have a little boy who is smaller than a size 8 RTW, go for it!


kbenco said...

This is a cool shirt. How annoying that the fit is not how the envelope described.

MaryBee said...

i just had to sign up so that i could start posting comments! your work is fabulous, by the way!
i made a shirt very similar to this one for my son a few years ago and had the same problem! interesting... i've also had that problem with some of the girls outfits with big 3 patterns.

Shannon said...

Hi Marybee! Glad you stopped by! Sometimes I feel like sizing is really just hit or miss with the Big 4. I'm working on a dress for my daughter right now and according to her measurements and the chart on the pattern envelope, I should be making a size 4. But I've already made this dress once in a size 5 and it just barely fits her. If I made a size 4, it wouldn't be wearable. I've found with girls' patterns at least that it's a pretty safe bet to check measurements and then compare the pattern's suggested size with her RTW size and then make whichever one is bigger. I'm probably going to have to start tissue-fitting my kids!
Come back and visit any time!


jemima bean said...

This is so cute! Dang shame about the size. :( He looks so happy in it tho!