Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shifty Business

Finally. As promised, (many posts ago) the Threads Shift Dress, Simplicity 3744 View C:

And the back...

You might remember my muslin, the safari dress? Well, this one is a little bit better. I used a cotton print for the main fabric and a poly cotton broadcloth for the contrast. I think the print had some poly in it, too, because I could hear the needle punching through it while I was sewing. I used a brand new needle, and in my experience, needles usually glide through 100% cotton like a warm knife through butter.

I made a size 16 through the bodice and waist, and tapered out to an 18 at the hip. This is one of those multi bust cup patterns which, in my opinion, are awesome. I didn't have to worry about the FBA, I just used the D cup front pieces. I put the pockets in with no problems at all. I've stood in front of the mirror every which way and I can honestly say that they don't pull or pooch or make my tummy look any rounder than it really is. I like them. I also like the little button-on tab on the back of the dress. I lined the whole dress with white batiste, except for the sleeves, and the contrast hem is actually two layers. I figured the hem should be at least the same weight as the body of the dress and I didn't want to fuss with a lining that was longer than the main dress pieces, so I stitched the outer band to the inner band at the hem, stitched the doubled band to the main dress, pressed the seam up, and then hand stitched the lining down over the seam. Sounds complicated, but it's all finished up nicely inside with no raw edges showing.
The fit is okay. I'm really not used to wearing this style of dress; I usually prefer garments with a defined waist. I haven't worn the dress in public, because I'm still trying to decide if "it's me." I guess I should just bite the bullet and wear it and see what my friends and co-workers think. My kids seem to like it, so that's something.

The pattern is really easy. If I decide I like the style on me, I could see making view D, the one with 3/4 sleeves, for fall. I think I'd choose a fabric with a little bit more drape to it. The poly cotton is alright, but the added body of the lining and the double hem makes it stand out from my body in what I would call an exagerated A-line.

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jemima bean said...

This is adorable too. You're on a roll. I LOVE that that from Hancocks?? I love love love hte middle print from the post below too. I gotta look for that at ours.