Sunday, July 1, 2007

The End of a Beautiful Weekend

I finally did get some sewing done. I was able to pretty much finish the sheath dress. I just need to sew the lining down inside and add a hook and eye to the back above the zipper. Shouldn't take too much longer, but I'm too pooped to work on it now. Maybe tomorrow after work.

While I was furiously working on my dress, my son, Bryan, decided to hang out in the sewing room with me and learn to cross stitch.

He found a small kit at Hancock's on Friday that features a cross stitched frog on a lilypad and we bought it. I figure that stitching will help develope his fine motor skills and it gives us something to do together. He sat quietly for quite a long time just working away on his Soggy Froggy (that's the name of the kit.) He's done a great job so far and I am very proud of him. We will share a pic of the finished piece when he gets it completed.
And from Savannah's closet:

This was Savannah's Fourth of July Dress when she was a year old. I found these fabrics at Hobby Lobby and I just knew what I wanted to make right away. The blue fabric features tiny American flags and says "America the Beautiful." This is an angel sleeve overlay bishop dress. See how the angel sleeves overlay the puffed short sleeves? I also used red ginham mini-piping on the sleeves and the neck. I kinda went nuts with the tucks, but it was so much fun making them that I had a hard time making myself stop.

Alright, it's bedtime. I'm off to dream about sewing projects. Can you think of a better way to fall asleep?


Janimé said...

Isn't it just great when the kids want to join in!?

Linda said...

I love your little girl dresses. I may have to put up a photo of the one special dress I have left that I made for my daughter.

Your son is so cute. Both my boys did cross stitch at about that age. They asked me to teach them while were on a long road trip. I still have the one and only pieces they made. They may not have made more, but it was so much fun to have this memory together.

Shannon said...

Janime, yes it's wonderful!

Shannon said...

Linda, thank you so much. I hope Bryan will finish this project. Even if he never does another one, it was fun for us to do this project together.