Saturday, July 21, 2007


This dress is from a pattern called Larkin, by Maja's Heirloom Treasures. This is the first pattern that I've made from this line, although I have several others in my stash that I'd like to try out.

This is a size 6, made out of light blue polycotton microcheck. It's smocked with Babybugs and Butterflies by Creative Keepsakes. I think if I make this again, I will chose a smocking plate with a more loosely smocked, or more open, bottom row. The bottom green and white row, the one the ladybugs are sitting on, seems to not want to stretch out quite enough and the dress seems to sit a little high, at least to me. It's not bad enough to worry about, just something to file away for next time. If I do make it again, and I probably will, I will add mini-piping to the empire seam, even if it's just made out of the main fabric. I just think that seam needs a little something.

The dress turned out well. It's got the classic bishop look to the bodice, but a smooth, simple A-line look to the lower portion. I think it's a great look for girls who are growing up and think they're too old for a bishop dress, but it's still young and sweet, and modest and age appropriate. It's a dress that can make both Mom and Daughter happy.

If you look closely at the Princess in the close-up photo, you can see where she trimmed her own hair, right up at the top. Thank goodnes she didn't cut any more than she did. I guess that's something every child does at one time or another.

Okay, I'm off to sew. I'll also be running some cotton through the wash to get it ready for pleating. Stay tuned for a report on my next smocking project.

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