Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Birthday at the Fabric Store

Tuesday, July 10th, was Savannah's birthday. The princess is six years old! We had Girls' Day Out and went to Hancock Fabrics to get something to make the Lizzie McGuire shrug.

Savannah chose this green cotton to go with the Hello Kitty fabric that she picked out for the dress. We got this white crocheted lace for the trim, and several silk flowers to try out on the shrug once we get the outfit made. I'm hoping to get the dress and shrug cut out this weekend.

Getting this lace and shrug fabric was the main mission, but I also got these:

Starting on the left, we have an allover china doll print. I'm not sure exactly what I'll make out of it, but it will be something cute for the Princess. The fabric in the middle is for me. I'm thinking a dress, but it's a rather large scaled print, so I'll have to give it careful consideration and choose just the right pattern. The fabric on the right is a small scale floral quilting cotton. It just jumped off the shelf at me. (That happens to me sometimes.) I immediately pictured a BSY (Basic Square Yoke dress) with geometric smocking, white collar and cuffs, puffed sleeves, and pink minipiping. I just hope I can get it done before Savannah decides she's too old for that sort of dress.
Well, I better go get busy. I have a dress for Savannah almost finished. It just needs buttons and button holes. I have three dresses I've made for myself to photograph and post, I want to get the Hello Kitty/Lizzie McGuire project started, and I have a Butterick blouse pattern I want to try. If I get started now, I might actually get one or two of these things accomplished this weekend!

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jemima bean said...

I missed Savannah's bday! Happy Birthday!! Can you believe she's 6?? Remember when it seemed like FOREVER before I could send you my size 3 CC patterns?? And then forever again to send the size 5's?? LOL.