Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Princess Cats

That's what my daughter called this dress. I finished up sewing buttons on this one last night, but it is not the one she wore today for kindergarten graduation. I'll have to post that one tomorrow after it's been washed (it had an unfortunate run-in with breakfast this morning right before graduation) and I can get some good pics.

This is Children's Corner Emma, a fully lined, sleeveless dress with a slightly raised waistline that curves up in front, but is straight in back. The pattern also includes a collarless version that doesn't cut in at the shoulder like this view. I love Children's Corner patterns. They are always easy to sew and are finished inside as well as out. Did I mention my daughter loves cats? She picked out this fabric at Hancock's on one of our many excursions. At the time I didn't know what I would do with it and I only bought a yard and a half. Turns out that was just enough to make the dress, but not quite enough to match the pattern repeat across the front of the dress. Luckily, Savannah doesn't seem to notice. I used a red and white "irregular" dot print to line it and pipe the collar and waist seam. Irregular as in the dots aren't all evenly spaced- there's nothing wrong with the fabric. I wish now I had just used plain red for the piping, as you can see the piping on the right side of the dress looks a little "spotty" while the other side looks like a solid. Oh, well. Savannah doesn't seem to care. Overall, I'm pleased with this pattern and I will make it again for school in the fall. I think it would even look cute shortened to a top with a pair of shorts or capris. And I'm pretty sure it could even be modified to be a reversible dress, which would be really cool, too.

Stay tuned for pics of the graduation dress- Style Cats!

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