Friday, May 18, 2007

Finally, A Day Off

Today is my day off. I started it out with a trip to Barnes and Noble where I treated myself to a new knitting book. I don't really knit. I've never been able to really get the hang of it and become really good at it. At least not yet. I can cast on and bind off, knit and purl, and I've even tried a couple of fancy stitches. I just haven't ever had the time to devote to practicing and getting really good at it. So I make a lot of scarves. I get to enjoy the look and the feel of great yarns and I get to experience the relaxation of sitting in front of the TV while I work the needles. But one of these days I'd like to knit a nice sweater. In the meantime, I still like to buy knitting books and magazines. I guess I'm hoping one of them will inspire me to buckle down and really learn how to do more than knit a big rectangle.
So what's up for the rest of my weekend, besides leafing through my new knitting book? I guess I will get the baby bishop finished up. Then I'd like to cut out another top and capri set for Savannah. I also think I might make a run to my Local Quilt Store tomorrow to see if they have anything I just can't live without. There are also a couple of items in the "almost finished" pile that just need some buttons to be complete. Maybe I'll even have some photos before the weekend is over....


andrew said...


You have a great written "voice". I recommend paragraph breaks.

jemima bean said...

Who the heck is Andrew?

Everybody's a critic! :D