Thursday, May 31, 2007

Free Time... How Sweet

Today is the second day of four days off. I desperately needed this. I needed to get caught up on some housework and some sewing projects. I needed to spend some quality time with my husband and kids. But mostly I just needed some time to relax a little. Sometimes I feel like I'm just going and going and going all the time and I miss out on important things because I'm trying so hard to keep up with work and obligations. Thank goodness for Vacation Days!
Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning out my closet. It was a major undertaking. I found several boxes of old sewing projects stashed away on the top shelf. There were several things that had been cut out long ago, but never finished. There were a couple of baby projects, and a sundress I made and almost finished for myself. I tossed it all out since the kids have long since outgrown anything that was in there, and so have I. I did keep the patterns. I found several old New Look dress patterns that are out of print, but just as cute now as they were in the mid nineties when I bought them. I also went through a box of stash fabric. There were mostly animal prints that the boys picked out years ago, but I did find a couple of cute florals and a nice piece of apple green fabic that I have no idea what the fiber content was. It was kind of like opening a time capsule straight back to 1997. Where has all the time gone? Sometimes I feel like if I blink, I'll open my eyes and it will be 2017. The older I get, the faster it goes.

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