Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Best Laid Plans...

Well, my weekend is over, and I didn't get to any of the activities I wanted to get to. I did get to peruse my new knitting book briefly... while I was slouched in an armchair boneless with fatigue. There was a lot of housework to get caught up on this weekend, and sewing had to wait. Such is life.
I did realize all of a sudden that Tuesday is kindergarten graduation, and Savannah needs a new dress. Fortunately, I have one all ready to go- except for buttonholes and buttons. It shouldn't be too hard to get those buttonholes done this evening, and then I can sew the buttons on while watching CSI. I can only hope my plans don't get hijacked again by dishes or laundry.

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jemima bean said...

Oh No!! She can't be graduating kindergarten already :( Take tissues! I bout had a nervous breakdown when lu graduated!