Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SSSP Officially Underway!

Shannon's Spring Sewing Plan is underway with the very first piece, New Look 6831.
I'm making view D, the cap sleeve version with a V-neck and attached ties. I love the look of this simple little blouse.

I made a muslin last night. I started with the size 16 and made a 3/4" FBA, and I added 1" of length through the waist. The fit was... um, interesting. I decided I need to make a 3/8" petite adjustment above the bust. I also need to narrow the shoulders (I would have cut a 14 there if the 14 and 16 had been printed on the same pattern piece!) and I'll have to add about 1/2" of extra width to the sides of the back piece at the hem (I'd have cut the 18 there, but it was printed on the other pattern piece along with the 14!) Oh, yeah, and I had to angle the dart up slightly. Sheesh, I think I'm going to need another muslin!
Once I get the fit issues ironed out, I'll be cutting this out of a pretty pink print sheer that I've had stashed away for a good six or eight years. It's time to get it out and make it up! I plan to wear the finished blouse just like the model in the photo- with a pretty cami (preferably with lace edging) peeking out of the V-neck.
Wish me luck! I think that if I can get the fit down on this one, it will make a nice TNT pattern.


Kyle said...

I've had this pattern for ages and am just waiting for the right fabric...I don't want to look too flight-attendant which is what I fear with scarfy collars like this.

Shannon said...

You amaze me! This is why I could never sew apparel.

angie.a said...

Why don't I have this pattern? It's so cute. too bad we're not the same size and you could just send me your tracing after you finish tweaking it. Hahahaha!!!

Patty said...

This pattern is hanging on my bulletin board to be next in line...I'll be watching to see how yours turns out :-)