Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The temperature is dropping here and I'm feeling sluggish. Too sluggish to sew, but not too sluggish to think about sewing and all the things I'd like to make. So I'll share with you what's inspiring me right now. All of these dresses are from ModCloth.

I love this grey dress. I think Burda had a very similar style in a recent issue... except as I recall, theirs had sleeves. Love the pleats!
This one might be a little young for me, but then again maybe not. I love the collar, the buttons, the pockets. If you look closely, it's a plaid. Adorable.

Here we go- a grown-up dress. I. Love. This. The neckline is gorgeous, I love the long skirt, and the peplum is fabulous. I love the brooch, too. I would so totally wear this. Any suggestions for suitable patterns?

And finally, could this be any more flirty and feminine? There's just something about chocolate brown and pink. Sigh...

I am so ready for spring- and spring sewing! Hmmm... Three of these four dresses are sleeveless. I think I'll go do a couple of push-ups.


Shannon said...

I love them all, especially the last two as they have a vintage-air about them to me.

Will you be my seamstress? I am so jealous!!

Myra said...

You have a NL, don't you that has the neckline of the green dress? You could elongate the bodice and make the curves.

angie.a said...

Oh, that plaid is ADORABLE! I was just on there and didn't see that one! I'm thinking I have a very similar plaid and I'm definitely young enough to wear it. HAHAHA!!!

Cennetta said...

That's a great selection of lovely little dresses.

Jeannie B. said...

I stopped for a visit and enjoyed the dresses you have displayed. My favorite is the flirty chocolate!! All are nice.