Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mini Wardrobe Contest 2008

Yesterday was the official first day of the Mini Wardrobe Contest on Pattern Review. I have officially entered my story board, and now I need to get to work. Surely four items in 31 days is do-able!
I have already made a muslin of my pants pattern, S3756, and I just need to make a fabric choice- khaki linen or green denim- and start cutting. I figure these will be quick and easy. There's no waistband and I could leave the pockets off completely since I didn't envision pockets when I started my wardrobe plan.

I have completed a muslin for S4020, the kimono top:

It turned out pretty good, and with a couple of tweaks to the pattern tissue, I'm ready to start on the "real" top. I haven't chosen a fabric yet, but I have something in my stash I'm going to pull out and look at today.
The straight skirt should be the easiest of the four wardrobe pieces. I don't anticipate any problems.
The cheongsam top will be the most challenging piece due to the fact that it will require the most fitting. At least one muslin will be required, maybe more. I had thought to save this one for last, but I may go ahead and start on it and work on it here and there throughout the month. When it becomes frustrating, I can set it aside and decompress by working on the easier pieces.
The smart thing to do will be to pace myself. My goal will be to complete one item each week. If I can get ahead, great! But one per week will at least guarantee that I finish the contest on time.


tgillock said...

Oh I love the look of that top! And I think that the pants would hang so good in a linen, but I'm a total amature, so thats just my opinion and could be WAY off. I know that which every you pick will look great! Good luck.

MyNorth said...

Kimono top looks great. You've given me great inspiration through your blog, so will return the favour...good luck with the wardrobe contest! Cheongsam does require extra fitting attention, but you'll do just fine. My vote is for linen pants too.