Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summertime Pink

Summertime Pink is done!

And just to recap, the dress pattern is Summertime Blue from AS&E #66, and the smocking plate is One Fine Day (sans bullion daisies) from AS&E #72. I finished hand stitching what seemed like miles of bias binding down last night and I just finished the hem today. I have to say this little dress is a success if for no other reason than that the Princess has been on my case to finish it for days! She's wearing it as I type!

The back of the dress with its little halter ties is just as interesting as the front.

The pattern went together easily and the instructions were pretty clear. AS&E usually is. Other than changing the smocking plate, I really didn't make any design changes. I did interface the front yoke piece up to the shoulder level. My fabric is lightweight and light colored, and the interfacing really helps hide the seam allowance where the smocking is attached to the yoke. I only interfaced to the shoulder, though, because I didn't think the tie ends needed the extra body. I was afraid it would make the knot at the back of the neck bulky and uncomfortable. I also used one strip of 3/4 inch elastic in the casing at the back of the skirt. The pattern called for two 3/8" pieces in a double casing and I did it that way at first, but I ended up redoing it my way because the fabric wasn't sliding freely on the two strips of elastic and I was getting weird bulky areas back there.

It's a very cute dress and I'm pleased with it. I don't know that I'll make it again simply because there are so many other little smocked dresses I want to make. As a matter of fact, I'll be working on Miss Daisy from AS&E #58 now. I pleated it at the same time I pleated Summertime Pink, and it's time to get going on it.

I also started a couple of little McCall's tops for the Princess this week. And the Safari dress is back on- only in olive green stretch poplin instead of the khaki cotton. I hope to have more finished projects to share by this weekend.


Adrienne said...

How adorable!

kbenco said...

The dress looks really fresh and summery. Your colour choices look perfect, and your daughter so happy with her dress! Did you narrow the upper bodice at all? I find most of the AS@E patterns a little wide.

Martha said...

Too cute. I love it. I really like the floss colors with fabric