Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer Top

I just finished McCall's MP252 for the Princess.

From the pattern envelope: Children's and girls' tops, shorts, and capri pants: Top has neckline variations, empire waist, front or back openings and a partial, concealed elastic casing... Tops C, D have self fabric or contrast neckband with ties.

Well, it's cute enough and the Princess likes it. She wore it all day yesterday and she looked fresh and cute all day. I just didn't have a lot of fun making this one. I picked up the pattern last weekend because I liked view C. It has the sort of cute rounded neckband/yoke that is so trendy right now, and it looked like a cool, breezy sun top with out being scandalous looking. The finished top lives up to expectations, too. It just seemed so fussy to put together. I kept thinking that I wished it was finished and I could be done with it.

I didn't make any design changes or adjustments. I cut and sewed a size 6 straight out of the envelope. The only change I did make was in construction. The pattern would have you sew the front strap and facing together leaving an opening to sew the bodice into after turning the strap. That was just too tedious for me. I sewed the strap to the bodice, folded the bodice down out of the way and then sewed the strap facing to the strap and turned it right side out. This is what I meant by too fussy for me. I still like the look of the top and the view with the contrast band has possibilities, too. So I may take a step back from this one and consider it again later. But for now I'm moving on.

In other, more positive news, the Safari Dress is cut out. Construction will commence this afternoon!


Adrienne said...

How cute!!!!!!!

marybee said...

you make such cute things for her! have you looked at they have some cute patterns there. there is a round neck top/dress pattern that you would probably like-ok, there are quite a few things there that are cute! (not affiliated, i just like them!)

Shannon said...

Thanks Adrienne! Thanks Marybee! I have seen that site, but I haven't taken the time to dig around in it... yet! I'll make it a point to check it out.

Shannon F