Thursday, June 5, 2008

Frogs, Toads, and Lizards, Oh My!

The Frog Prince has a new shirt! This is made from McCall's 7194- which I am sure is long OOP, it's copyrighted 1994- in a size 7. I would have made an 8, but the pattern tissue was already cut out and when I held the tissue up to him, it looked like it would fit okay, so off I went. The fit is much better than the last shirt I made for him, so I've sworn off those boys' shirt patterns in S, M, L. Give me numbered sizes! I'm sure I made this before for one of my older boys (why else would the tissue be cut out?) and I'm sure I was pleased with it then just like I am now. This pattern went together like a charm. Unfortunately, when I bought the fabric several weeks ago at Joann's, I didn't have a pattern picked out and I just guessed on yardage. I didn't have quite enough to match the print across the front of the shirt. Of course, the Prince doesn't notice or care, it just bothers me. I also decided at the last minute to leave the pocket off. The print is so busy it wouldn't have been noticeable anyway. I did topstitch all the seams for detail and durability, though. I need to dig through my pattern stash and see if I have another similar shirt pattern in numbered sizes that's a little bit bigger. The Prince could use a little bit more room in the neck, and he's only going to get bigger! If I don't have another pattern, I need to get one soon. I bought the most incredible astronaut print fabric this weekend...

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