Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nature's Alphabet- Stitching is Done!

I put the final stitches in Nature's Alphabet Friday night!
I still need to add petite black beads to the "B" block, white seed beads to the centers of the flowers in the "F" block and to the Christmas tree in the "X" block, and of course the glass hare to the "H" block and a glass tulip to the block with my initials. I will need to visit my LNS to purchase those. But all the actual stitching is done!

Love that thistle!

There was no "1" charted for this, so I had to make my own for the date. I love that the design included the date and the stitcher's initials. I think it is so important to "sign" your work.

The glass tulip will go right above my initials, in the leafy frame. The next time you see this, it will be 100% complete and stretched for framing.

I also pulled out my old design notebook and found the charts I had made for the Valentine sampler. I was right- I did already have a chart for it. I should be able to finish it up in time for Valentine's Day.

In sewing news. I hemmed the flutter sleeve blouse, so all that's left is buttons. I plan to make a run to the fabric store next weekend (after pay day!) for some pretty buttons, so I should have that finished and ready to wear and share next weekend. I also have the pencil skirt from the previous post all done except for the hem, so I hope to get that done and be ready to share soon, as well. I haven't cut out my Vintage Sewalong dress yet, but the day is still young...
Wow. Can you believe January is almost over?


Rose said...

The Nature's Alphabet looks great! Good job!

Beangirl. said...

I love that thistle too!

natalyK said...

What a beautiful alphabet piece. I love the nature inspiration and the dimension that the specialty stitches add.

gwensews said...

That's very pretty and a lot of hours of work you have put into it. It's a beautiful heirloom.

Maria (viola33) said...

A beautiful work!