Saturday, December 4, 2010

Trying to Find a Little Bit of Christmas Spirit

I feel like I've just barely recovered from Thanksgiving, so in an attempt to muster up a little excitement about Christmas, I pulled out this tiny sampler titled "Season's Greetings" by The Trilogy.
I have several other "big" projects I could have chosen, but I figured I'd stay small- this piece will measure approximatley 3" by 4" when finished- because if there's one thing I don't need around here, it's another UFO.

I'm stitching this in a combination of Sampler Threads and DMC floss that I had on hand. The finished sampler will feature several rows of specialty stitches and will be embellished with three tiny polymer clay buttons. It will be very cute when it's done. And hopefully I will be all ready for Christmas!


angie.a said...

It's so pretty already! Did you just start it? you're so fast at handwork (says the slow handwork-er). :) Can't wait to see it! Does it have beads and pretties??c

Karin said...

It's very cute! Small projects are a good idea. I have it my mind that I want to make my mother a quilt for xmas!?! She arrives in 2 weeks, so it needs to be done by then. I must be nuts.

Anonymous said...

How darling! This time of year, the smaller/faster/easier the project the better. :-)

The Twilight Quilters Coven said...


RU getting tired of me sayin' how much I love your work?@