Monday, May 17, 2010

Burda Bubble Dress: The Verdict

Thank you to all my tasteful readers (and yes, you all are extremely tasteful!) for the encouraging comments about the Bubble Dress. Based on the comments received here, the comments from my family, and my own honest assesment of my wardrobe preferences, I have decided to proceed with the Bubble Dress project.

I will be leaving off the bubble hem, so I suppose I should come up with a new name for the project. I will be using the sleeves and I will be adjusting the neckline back down a bit.
I will use the pink dotted fabric from the previous post. I still need to purchase some pink batiste for the lining and some thread and a zipper. I hope to make it to the fabric store for supplies by the weekend.

In the meantime, the triangular neckline of this dress remeinded me of a previous Burda dress from May 2008 which I muslined with only limited success:

Here's a photo without the startled and unkempt looking model:

I say I only had limited success because I cut a straight size 44 for my first try. The top was too big and the bottom was too tight. I think after the success I've had with the Bubble Dress in a size 42, I might have better luck with this one if I go down one size on top. Of course I'll have to go up one size (at least) on the bottom, but that's the way it goes.
Luckily, I still had the traced pattern pieces. I only had to re-trace two pieces, the upper bodice piece and the facing. I was able to adjust all the other pieces down one size. (I also added 1.25" of length through the waist- my standard long torso adjustment.)
So while I'm waiting to get the rest of my materials for the Bubble-less Dress, I might give this one another go. Wish me luck.


Shannon said...

You have the patience of a saint! I have some of the pink dotty fabric, but I bought it for a quilt. LOL

kbenco said...

I love the triangle necline, it looks terrific.