Saturday, May 15, 2010

Burda Bubble Dress Saga Part 3

Thanks, y'all, for the encouraging comments about the bubble dress.

Not to muddy the waters or anything, but I went back to my "quick and dirty" muslin and slapped some sleeves on it just to see how they would look and feel.
I kinda like them. Much to my surprise. They even feel okay. The cuffs (which I cut much longer than Burda instructed) look a little bit tight in the photos, but I think that's because I didn't even trim the seam allowances before taking the pictures.

I do think they need a little bit more length- they almost look like they're pulling up on the outside of my arm. I think I'd like the band to be more horizontal. That should be an easy fix, though.

I'm really liking the sleeves and I'm thinking it's a better look for me. Suggestions?
I have the lining attached to the skirt on the pink and yellow muslin, and the casing is sewn. I'm off to insert the elastic and see how the bubble skirt works. I should have an update tomorrow!


KarenJeanette said...

I like the addition of the sleeves. This is going to be really cute!

LindaNan said...

Much better with sleeves. I would suggest making them a little longer, so the horizontal line will be at a narrower part of your arm. I make this type of adjustment on skirt lengths as well.

lsaspacey said...

I vote yes on the sleeves too!