Sunday, May 16, 2010

Burda Bubble Dress Saga Part 4

The bubble hem is done.

I actually kinda like it. I wouldn't want to have a bunch of these in my closet, but it is kind of fun.

I think I need a little bit more length to the skirt. I like my hems to hit me at mid-knee.

Unfortunately, I got only negative comments from my family. "That looks like a clown dress." "What's wrong with the bottom?"

I can't help but wonder if the fabric is influencing their opinions. Let's face it, the fabric is loud and it's a little bit stiffer than the fabric I've chosen for the actual dress. In case you're curious, here's a (rather dark) pic of the intended fabric:

It's a really nice, soft cotton. I bought it at Joann's in the quilting section, but it's a little bit thinner (notice how you can see through it) and drapier than most quilting cottons. I plan to line it with pink batiste.

Right now, however, I think I need a break from this dress. I'd almost love to just work on something completely different for a while, but I'm afraid if I do, this will become a UFO and never get done. Maybe I should just press on.

I can't get too far, though. I need a pink zipper and enough pink batiste to line it in order to get this dress completed.

So, what say you, tasteful readers? Yay or nay on the bubble hem?


Rose said...

The jury is still out about my qualifications as a "tasteful reader". IMHO, I like the dress better without the bubble. I agree with you about the length. I think a little longer would look better. I do like your version with the sleeves. The sleeveless version looks good also. Hey, it's summer!

Shannon said...

I have to agree with Rose. The non-bubble version was quite fetching on you. But, I'm not a huge bubble dress fan (too many 80s flashbacks - yikes!), so take my opinion with a huge grain of salt.

I really like the fabric though - so fun and summery!

Sophie Miriam said...

I like both the bubble version and the non-bubble version. I think I very slightly prefer the non-bubble version, but I think they are both fine.


Mommyof2girlz said...

I'm not a fan of bubble dresses or skirts but I have to say I like it on you. I seems fun to me. As far as the fabric goes I love the bright batik look. Can't wait to see it in the lighter weight fabric :)

Branka said...

I like the dress better without the bubble, and with a bit longer hem. Looking forward to see the real version on you :)

Karin said...

I think the strong colours are putting people off.

I like it, I agree it would be better 2 inches longer. I think the bubble dress will look better in your intended fabric both because of the difference in texture and pattern and colour. I would like to see this dress made up in your intended fabric.

Anne LO said...

Without the bubble hem! It was much more flattering and made your legs look nicer.

CarolAnn said...

Oooo I love it! I think the non bubble hem is better but that is me. I love the print of the fabric also. I am one who loves all the busy bright prints.

Looking forward to your next project :)