Saturday, May 15, 2010

Burda Bubble Dress Saga Part 2

Here is my muslin of the Burda Bubble Dress (05-2010-106) so far.
I have not sewn the lining down inside, and the dress is not hemmed. I will attach the skirt lining and fix up the bubble hem tonight for comparison hopefully tomorrow.

I am not loving this. The sleeveless bodice is not particularly flattering to my short, chubby arms. And my neckline adjustments have steered the dress dangerously toward the frump end of the spectrum. If I do end up making the real version, I will lower the neckline back down about a half inch.

I hope the bubble hem works out and adds some unexpected excitement, because as it stands, this dress is just nothing to write home about.

The fit is pretty good. I have considered adding the sleeves from version 107- they may be a better look for me. But the truth is that I'm afraid the sleeves will just start me over on the fit roller coaster. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try, though.
Any suggestions, tasteful readers?


Mommyof2girlz said...

I LOVE that fabric, the colors are gorgeous! Can not wait to see it finished.

arnysews said...

I agree with your comment about lowering the neckline a bit, but wouldn't add sleeves, it looks great just as is.
I'm not a great fan of bubble hems so will be intrigued to see the finished version.
If it were me, I would omit the bubble hem and remove some width out of the hem. The bodice is so sleek and fits you so well, I think the hem width needs to be narrower to match, it would then be a very chic dress.

Mary Nanna said...

Hmm, with a request from suggestions from tasteful readers I'm not sure I qualify. However, for another opinion I think your arms look lovely and do not need to be hidden away and I'm very curious about the bubble hem. Be bold!