Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stash Notes

Who is this handsome young man?

This is the HSM shirt- again. Made out of a bright green and gold novelty camo print, this is the 3rd incarnation of S2836. And here it is again in an outer space novelty print:

Sorry about the crummy indoor photo but it's really cold outside this morning. And my Little Man is having a rough start today (weird expression.) This fabric is so nice. It's 100% cotton, but softer and "silkier" than most quilting cottons. I must have really liked it, because apparently I bought it twice! That's right, I have another three yard cut in my stash. I'm thinking the Prince needs some light weight summer PJs. BTW, check out how I matched the print across the front!

Both of these shirts will be entered into the Stash Contest over at Pattern Review. That's another four yards sewn! I hope to get one more of these made before the contest ends. Can you guess what it will be made of? That's right, Frogs!

Now that these two little shirts are done, the next garment up will be S2694, the Military Dress. It's all cut out and ready to go, and I already made a run to the fabric store to get all the notions I needed- thread, buttons, lining for the shoulder flaps, etc. Of course, it's very likely I will get distracted by the Modern Squares quilt. I've already made a bunch of blocks for it and I'm really enjoying it. Stay tuned for preliminary pics!


angie.a said...

Love these, both of them!! That green is awesome! And I totally noticed your perfect print matching too, way before you mentioned it. I'm just good that way.

Shannon said...

What a guy!!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I love it when people do and say, "Hi".

Linkin' Park rocks, by the way...

I can't wait to read your novel--don't wait. You can do it!

I think designing my own fabric and having it made for a very SPECIAL project would be cool, but at those prices it would have to fall into this category!!