Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

After the last post, Lynn asked what kind of quilt the pink and orange fabrics would be. Here's a pic of the pattern:

This is Modern Spirit in Squares from Quick Quilts #96. Simple, yet pretty, no? I've already cut a bunch of 7.5" and 4.5" squares from the various colored fabrics. I laid them all out on a piece of yellow- my first thought for the "borders" shown in white in the photo, but it just didn't sing. So I laid them out on white, and Wow! What a difference. It was singing! The Princess agreed, so white it will be. Unfortunately, that means I have to get more white fabric. So this quilt top is stalled awaiting a trip to the fabric store.

I am happy to report that Simplicity 2694, the military dress, is all cut out and ready to be put together. I pulled the fabric out this past weekend only to discover that it was dusty from being stored on an open shelf so I had to pre-wash it again. While it was in the laundry, I didn't want to waste good sewing mojo, so I cut out two more HSM shirts (Simplicity 2836) for the Prince. One is a bright green and gold camo print and the other is outer space. I'll have those done and pics posted probably this weekend. Both will count for the fabric stash contest, as will the dark pink gabardine I'm using for the military dress.

I'm feeling good about sewing right now- the mojo is definately ON! I just hope I can sustain this flurry of motivation and activity!

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Lisa said...

Its funny how the white always makes things pop most of the time.I know all about sewing mojo lately I have had it in spades the last week.I like that pattern a lot its pretty.