Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Smocking Update

So how is the progress on Summertime Pink, you ask?

Well, I managed to get some more smocking done this week. This smocking design is rather deceptive. It is, indeed, an easy design to smock, but it's also rather heavily smocked and is taking more time than I thought it would to complete. That's alright, though. I am enjoying the process and that's what it's all about, right? I finished the bottom and middle sections of the smocking. Only the top needs to be completed now. I will add two more rows of dark pink to the top and some light green. You can see where I already added some light green to the bottom section- right between the dark pink bands. I really wanted to work the green into the design to pick up the green in the fabric and to add a pop of color. The pink and yellow striped fabric on the left will be used to make bias binding for the halter top of the dress and for piping across the top of the smocking. It was purchesed with the dotted fabric- they are coordinates that were manufactured together.
I will probably smock a couple more rows tonight while I "watch" TV- after the sun goes down. Right now, I'm itching to go cut out a muslin of the pants from Simplicity 2896. It will be a quick and dirty muslin- if I can decide which size to cut and whether there's a good chance these pants will be a success I want to get started on the real ones quickly.


Adrienne said...

LOVE the smocking!! It is so pretty!!

kbenco said...

Lovely smocking. I like the green, it brings out the fabric pattern beautifully.