Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I've Been tagged!

I've been tagged by Kbenco! (Check out her amazing smocking!) I'm supposed to pick up the nearest book, turn to page 123, and post the 6th, 7th, and 8th sentences. Like Kbenco, I am an avid reader- mostly fiction, but I do sprinkle some non-fiction in here and there. However, the computer is in my kids' room, and none of my books are in here. There are two books close at hand. One belongs to my husband: Indian Yell, by Michael Blake. Unfortunately there is a picture on page 123, and not enough sentences. The other book belongs to my nine year old son and is, appropriately enough, The Frog and Toad Treasury, written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel. It doesn't have eight complete sentences on page 123 either, so here are sentences #6 and #7 and the first sentence from page 124:

There was still no answer.
"Frog, what have I done?" cried Toad.
Then the voice said, "THE GREATEST TOAD WILL NOW..."

Apparently Toad was dreaming, and he wakes up at this point with his friend Frog at his side. My son loves this book. I just love it that he's reading!

Now I have to tag five more people. These are all blogs that I like to read and look at. They all make wonderful things so check them out!

Angie at Quality Time, also known as Jemima Bean.

Juliane at Retro Grace, might be a little bit busy- they have new babies at their house!

Lynn at Sadie's Closet

Cindy of Sew Blessed

Blakely of Rockin Smockin (Love that blog name!)

Check all these ladies out and look at their amazing creations! And hopefully, we'll find out what kind of books they have at hand!


angie.a said...

Really, if we were any more alike it would be SERIOUSLY CREEPING ME OUT. :D :D :D We were tagging each other at the same time!

pcheainfo said...

I just found your blog through Cindy at Sew Blessed, and I'm excited to see another Oklahoman who loves to sew and smock!