Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wardrobe Update

Not a whole lot of progress has been made on the Pretty in Pink and Black wardrobe, however, I do have two pieces complete:

Simplicity 4147 in black cotton with white dots, edged in hot pink satin ribbon.

McCalls 5306 in white pique trimmed with hot pink rick rack. Both pieces turned out okay. These are the "easy" pieces, though. There is a lot of work left to be done.

I'm also still working on the poodle bishop.

I've added the bottom border- a simple repeat of the lower white row of the top border, and it seems to work just fine. Back-smocking has begun and I think it will go pretty fast. It's mindless work that can be done while I watch TV. This dress is a gift for a family friend and it needs to be finished before the child outgrows it! So with that, I'm off to back-smock some more!


Lynn said...

Glad to see your progress so far. Loved the storyboard!
I love your blog--I've looked at the Temilys many times--just love your variations.
I've been smocking for a while, but just completed my first whole garment--a Mary De jumper for my daughter. I look forward to more visits and inspiration here!

jemima bean said...

OMG, that little skirt is AWESOME! It turned out so cute! And the top too! I gotta dig out your storyboard, cause I can't remember which patterns those were. I really have to make that little skirt for Lu.

Backsmock over every other pleat. Makes no difference in the end result and goes twice as fast. :P

Shannon said...

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate your kind comments. I checked out your blog- please share a pic of your Mary De!

Shannon F