Sunday, March 16, 2008

Daylight Savings Time and the Hollywood Waist

Well, it's Daylight Savings Time again. I love Daylight Savings Time. Who doesn't love having all that extra daylight at the end of the day? To me, a long lazy summer evening is one of life's simple pleasures. Last year, DST started early and ended later in the year than usual. And as much as I love the "longer" days, it just kind of messed up my internal clock for the year. Something seemed "off" to me. Well, when I heard that DST was starting early again this year, I was kind of worried. I didn't want to have that strange uncomfortable feeling again this year. And let's face it, the Spring change- leaping forward- is always the toughest change to deal with. When you "lose" that hour, it messes you up for days, maybe even weeks. Well, it does for me anyway. But this year, the change hasn't seemed to affect me nearly so much. Maybe it's because I've been desperate for Spring since Christmas, I don't know. I'm just glad to have extra daylight when I get off from work. Now I'm just waiting for that "change in the air" that signals that spring has finally arrived.
Have you seen the latest issue of Threads? There's a wonderful article entitled "The Inside Scoop on Hollywood Waists." I was so overjoyed to see this article. I LOVE a high waist. This style is just perfect for me, and, I think, for a lot of people. The article states, "Much of fashion is about illusion, and Hollywood waisted garments shine when it comes to making you look taller and thinner simply because there's a longer expanse of fabric between the elevated waist and the hem of the garment. And they give the waist more definition, which emphasizes a small waist and slims a thick one." Who doesn't want to look taller, slimmer, and tiny-waisted? I do! I have always loved this style. I have a pair of RTW black pants with a Hollywood waist that I love to wear to work. Usually, I wear them with an untucked sweater or top, so you can't even really see the high waist. But that high waist is important, even when you can't see it. It smoothes me from waist to hip and eliminates unsightly bulges and lumps that I get when I wear lower waisted pants. And, they are Comfortable. I much prefer to have my pants anchored at my waist rather than my hips. And they are Modest. I don't have to worry if I bend over to pick up something, or if I sit down, that the color of my underwear, or worse-my crack, will be on display for the whole world to see! And if I wear them with a tucked in top, the higher waist is very flattering to me. I am long through the body and my legs are short and rather stumpy. The Hollywood waist makes my legs look longer and more slender and balances the upper and lower halves of my body. I just can't say enough about this style. The Threads article offers tips on how to get the best fit when making your own Hollywood waisted pants or skirts. It also talks about silhouette and proportion (finding the right waist height). The article even gives a list of suggested patterns to try and offers some design ideas spice them up. This article alone made this issue of the magazine a winner for me!

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jemima bean said...

Oh man, now I want that issue! and hehe, you said crack on your blog :D