Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Couldn't Help Myself!

I bet you've been wondering if I ever got those 297 french knots done. Well, um, no. But I did get 99 done last night while watching CSI Miami. So here's a look at 99 french knots. They sure do jazz up the poodle, don't they? Maybe with the help of a couple more episodes of CSI I can get the other two poodles done and get this dress finished before the child gets to high school.

Something awful happened this past weekend. My sewing machine broke! I had to take it in to the shop. Thankfully, they had it all fixed and ready to come home on Tuesday, and it's back now, but that meant I had to go a whole weekend without it, and that meant no sewing! So of course I had to console myself by buying fabric. (I guess I could have consoled myself with chocolate, but fabric is much more fun and less fattening!) So, from left to right above, we have a lovely black and aqua cotton print which will be a cute summer skirt for me. Then we have two black and pink cotton prints which will be subbed into my Wardrobe collection for the Princess.

And speaking of subbing into the Wardrobe...

The pink leopard print is just not working for me. I found this cool flamingo print in my stash last week and it's speaking to me much more clearly than the leopard right now. In fact, I've already started a pair of ruffled capris for the Princess out of this fabric. They're going to look so cute with the white pique top, AND I found some embroidered flamingo appliques lurking in my sewing room which will just look darling on the white top with these capris. I haven't thrown the leopard out completely, but it will probably make a much smaller appearance in the Wardrobe than I had originally planned. Maybe as a trim or contrast somewhere.

In any case, I better get it in gear, because I only have three Wardrobe pieces completed and two in progress. Even if I count the two WIPs, that's only half the Wardrobe!


Lynn said...

Those flamingos are CUTE! I can't wait to see how the Wardrobe turns out. Love those new fabrics too, especially the pink/black.

It's almost sad how cute those poodle french knots are. I would so be tempted to just leave them off, but the difference they make is striking.

Thanks for the kind comments on my dresses.

Charles Herbert said...

I'm trying to find a print like this to make my girlfriend a handkerchief for Christmas, do you have any idea where I can get some fabric like this?

Many thanks,


PS I live in the Bristol area and my email is