Saturday, February 16, 2008

A New Book!

I have done absolutely no sewing or sewing related activities this week. I've been utterly exhausted every evening after work and I've found myself vegged out in front of CSI reruns every night this week. However, I did receive this absolutley awesome book in the mail this week:

Designer Smocking for Tots to Teens from the folks at Australian Smocking and Embroidery magazine. I LOVE this book! It's got something for everyone and I'm sure you'll be seeing some things from this book right here in the near future. Some of my favorites are:

Golden Sands. Isn't this gorgeous? I'd wear this myself!

Out of Africa. I Love this. The Princess will probably want a different color, but I'm sure we can work with that.

Flower Power. This is absolutely lovely. It's shown in the book with a pair of floral print capris with a double ruffle at the hem. Too adorable! The capri pattern is included.

And this is Shabby Chic. I had a hard time getting the book in my scanner, so this picture doesn't really do these PJs justice, but they are beautiful. The only smocking is the trim on the pocket, but I love the aqua stripe fabric paired with the cream floral print. I don't know that the Princess would necessarily want to wear these, but I sure would. I may have to adapt this to my size!

There are also a couple of baby outfits included as well as a sweet sundress, a smocked knit top and a skirt with a smocked yoke. There's even a cute project for adding smocked insets to a pair of boy's denim shorts. If you like to smock and you have kids between six months and fourteen years, check this book out!


jemima bean said...

Don't you love this book?? I need to get mine out to peruse again now :D

Shannon said...

Yes, you do! As soon as the Wardrobe Challenge is over I want to make that Out of Africa Dress and those Shabby Chic PJs. I gotta find just the right shabby chic fabrics though! And I'm playing with the idea of using the cover outfit in place of Toffee Apple in my wardrobe.

Shannon F