Sunday, July 27, 2014

Burda Style 02-2011-119 More Pics and Details

I really didn't feel like the last post covered this dress well enough, especially since I didn't get enough photos.  So the Princess and I went outside today to get some more shots.

The light was great but it was quite windy.

You may notice a slight difference from the last set of photos...  I added pockets to the front of the dress. I meant to all along, I guess I just got so excited thinking it was finished that I forgot.

These are the patch pockets that were included in the pattern.  I cut mine on the bias to break up the pattern a little.  I also had to stitch them on a bit higher than the pattern placement to compensate for my little T-rex arms.

I cut a second set of pockets out of pink broadcloth on the straight grain.  I stitched those to my seersucker pockets, right sides together, then turned and pressed.  This keeps all the raw edges safely hidden away and the lining helps keep the bias pocket from stretching out.

Pocket placement was quite easy using the lines in the seersucker fabric.

And speaking of fabric and placement, here's a closeup of my bias hem band, which is sewn with side front and side back section seams.  I didn't make much of an effort to line up the stripes, partly due to laziness and partly due to a limited amount of fabric.  I did, at least, get my stripes going in a pleasing direction.  Trust me, no one but a fellow sewing enthusiast will ever notice.

Here is a closeup of the corner where the front, side and under sleeve come together at a point.  You can also see the bust dart on the lower left.  This was the only tricky part of the whole project- getting the corner just so and then finishing the seams.  I serged... very carefully.

The epaulette looks a little crooked in this shot, it's actually straight.  My buttons are faux mother of pearl.  I ended up going back and stitching the epaulettes down invisibly along the length.  Now they lie nice and flat even when I raise my arms or move around.  Before, they wanted to lift up and shift around.

I quite like this dress.  The only thing I would change if I made it again would be to narrow the neckline a bit.  It's very wide and I have to keep pushing my bra straps out to the sides to hide them.

It was very windy today, but it was also hot and a bit muggy- rain is on the way.  The dress, however,  was quite comfortable.  The seersucker breathes and the dress fits loose and easy.

I doubt I'll make this again, it's unique enough that one in the closet is probably enough.  I do recommend it, though.  If you like a loose, comfortable summer dress with some unique details, this is a good pattern to try.


Robin said...

Very nice dress and the color looks good on you. Seersucker seems to be a popular fabric this summer. I really like the special details.

Catherine Daze said...

Thanks for posting the details! It's a lovely dress.

Angela said...

Very pretty - I love the seersucker! I understand about windy photo shoots; I have the same problem here in North Texas:)

Beverly said...

Such a nice, pretty summery dress. It's simple, but the details & fabric make it!

Rhonda Buss said...

The dress appears so simple, but there is a lot going on. Such great details!