Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Burda 07-2008-125 Bermuda Shorts

Shopping for pants and shorts for the Princess has become a challenge.  The items available in the girls' department don't fit and the offerings in the juniors' department are tacky at best, but more often than not, just plain vulgar.

I wanted something cute, stylish and age appropriate for my girl.  I found it in a back issue of Burda World of Fashion, the July 2008 issue to be exact.

I remember liking the look of these shorts way back in 2008, but never made them because, well, they only go up to size 42 and I would have had to grade them up.  That would have been too much work only to find that leg bands would not look attractive on short, chunky legs like mine.  The Princess does not have that problem.

Here is what the model photo looks like.  Whoa, shiny, metallic linen.  Can you say "wrinkles?"

The line drawing is much better.  I was taken with the pieced legs, the gathers, and the bands.  Lots of opportunity for topstitching.

Burda rated this a 2 dot pattern.  It was also the illustrated sewing course in that issue.  The shorts were surprisingly easy to make even with the inset corners on the front and back, and the zip fly.  As cute as they are and as easy as they were to make, I could not find a single pair made up online.  Maybe no one else but me found these interesting.

I made these in a straight size 34 based on the Princess's hip measurement.  The only change I made was to let the waist out about 1/2" on each side after basting everything together.  I cut the back waistband in two pieces to allow for adjustment at CB, but it turned out I didn't need to do anything there.

The fabric is a mystery chambray type that I picked up at Walmart just to try out this pattern.  The buttons- two at the front closure and one on each leg band- are sparkly plastic "jewel" buttons, also from Walmart.  I figured the Princess would appreciate a little bling.

I really like the way these turned out and, more importantly, the Princess does, too.  I'm already planning another pair, and the Princess has been perusing my Burda stash looking for other shorts and things for me to make for her.

While I'm tickled that I was able to make a pattern that I really liked but would never have worked for me, I'm not sure I'm ready to be sewing for my girl from the grown-up patterns in Burda.  (I still have to watch out for tacky and vulgar!)  Where has the time gone?


Anonymous said...

These are very cute. Well done for looking past that fashion photo!

Time truly flies with kids doesn't it. I remember when I first started sewing from the adult section of Burda for my daughter too, only a few years ago. Back then she needed a SBA and was a size 34. We kept on feeding her and not only is she taller than me now and needs a few sizes up form a 34, that SBA is an FBA.

I wouldn't change a thing though!


Kristy Chan said...

No wonder no one has made these up, Burda's version is horrible! Luckily you saw past that though because these really tasteful but still fun in the chambray

Dinah said...

Great pattern choice! These look terrific on her.


Goosegirl said...

Those are darling Shannon. About what size does the 34 translate to? I get so confused with Burda sizing. I want to make some cute shorts for Ahnalin but she is a beanpole and only wants basic elastic waist shorts. However, they are just getting boring to me. These shorts look really cute and like they would be fun to make.

Cennetta said...

Your little princess is cute as a button. I love her new outfit. It's too bad they don't make little lady clothes anymore.

Audrey said...

These short are adorable on your daughter. While I like the style, I am not so sure they would look good on a person of my age.