Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Walk Down Memory Lane

 This morning I decided to peruse my favorite vintage pattern site, MomsPatterns, in hopes of finding a little bit of inspiration, and maybe a pattern or two that I can't live without.  I started, as I usually do, in my favorite section- the Mod Era.  But then the Princess joined me at the computer and I decided to jump into the 80's patterns to see if they had anything that I had made way back then.  I thought the Princess would get a kick out of seeing some of the "crazy" things I wore when I was younger.  I wasn't disappointed.

First I found McCall's 2589, a princess seamed strapless dress with an oversized blazer.  I made this, both pieces, around the time I graduated from high school, in a soft, light weight, light wash denim.  It was easy to make, and the dress was the first garment I ever made that I underlined.  The jacket was completely unlined.  I wore it with a pair of large silver hoop earrings (and big hair) and I thought I was  quite something!

The next pattern almost brought tears to my eyes.  This is Butterick 5895, my wedding dress.  I made view A, the white dress in the background, exactly as it appears except I left off the shoulder bows, which I thought were too fussy. I used ivory moire taffeta with wide ivory lace ruffles at the wrist.  The dress rustled so sweetly.  I still have it, packed safely away, in case the Princess ever wants to see it.  I doubt she'd want to wear it.

This next pattern, Butterick 6204, is what I used to make the skirt and top I wore the day after my wedding.  I made view A (on the far right) out of a pretty sea green watercolor print cotton.  Check out that peplum.  I think I originally made it as an Easter dress, but I liked it so much I wore it after the wedding, too.

I started making Butterick 3662 a few years after my wedding, but I never finished it.  I don't remember why, but it probably had something to do with fitting issues.  I wish I still had the pattern because I still love this dress and I'd make it and wear it today.  Yes, I could buy it from MomsPatterns, but this pattern is way too small.

So did I actually find anything in the Mod section, you may be wondering?  Why, yes, I did!

I love this shift dress.  The pink and white version is my favorite, although I like the white dress with the black trim, too.

And this one is really cute, too.  I love the curved front seam and the matching jacket.

And one more.  I love the funnel neck and the cut on cap sleeves.  The length on this one looks a little bit more generous, too.  The brown version looks to be cut on the bias- very cool.

Is anyone else out there mad about Mod fashion?  Do you ever go and look at old patterns from years gone by and recognize the ones you had or made?  Does it take you back?


Kris said...

You inspired me to look for the pattern I used in my high school sewing class. I think it's this one:
I sewed the strapless sundress and matching shawl in white eyelet. A terrible choice for a pale girl with narrow shoulders, but I loved it at the time!

RhondaBuss said...

I still have mine!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That was so much fun looking back at those 80s patterns. I don't have any left - I guess I was not "fashion" enough at the time to really build a collection but it's great to walk down memory lane. I wonder if we will regard today's fashion in the same way 20 or 30 years on?

Catherine Daze said...

I really enjoyed reading that post! I've not been sewing long enough to be able to look back at patterns I sewed in the 80s but I do remember those styles with affection.

Also drooling over that last mod dress you posted.