Sunday, June 23, 2013

Adding to My Pattern Stash

Yesterday I made it to my "local" fabric store to pick up some buttons for the Flamingo Project.  But it doesn't make sense to drive 60 miles for one card of plain black buttons, so of course I had to check out the pattern sales.  And Hancock's didn't let me down.  The Buttericks and McCall's were on sale.  I was able to restrain myself and only purchase four.

I chose M6752 because it looks cool, comfortable, and easy.  I like both dress views and both top views.  This cross over bodice version is my favorite view and it takes relatively little fabric.  It looks like a great dress to run around in on weekends when the weather is hot.

Butterick has really had some interesting dress patterns lately.  I could have gone nuts and bought a ton of patterns, but I kept my impulses under control and only got three.

This one, B5915, looked really interesting.  I like the contrast fabric, and the asymmetrical "sleeves" look interesting, but not too over the top.

Of course, you don't have to have asymmetrical sleeves (purple view.)  And I really like the view with the border print.  All three views have modest necklines, too.  Definitely a plus.

B5917 is simply adorable.  I love the neck ruffle.  This would make a perfect dress for work.  I even like the tweedy fabric they've used for the model.

I really like the sleeveless version, too.  (And I have some red linen in my stash...)  This dress looks easy to fit and this style is perfect for my long waisted body.

The last pattern I picked up is B5862.  This dress is so interesting.  It's a wrap dress, but the front wrap is held in place with a "strap" that is caught into the side seam.

There are three views:  sleeveless, short sleeved, and 3/4 length.  The sleeveless view looks perfect for summer, while the 3/4 length version would make a great fall/winter work dress.  This is such a cool dress, but interestingly, I couldn't find any reviews for it online.  Has no one made this little beauty?

I also picked up some fabric.  (Had to make the drive worth while.)  I got a navy blue ponte knit which you may see soon, made up into a Burda shift dress; and a gorgeous ITY knit in black and teal, which may end up as  B5862 above.

For now, I need to get the buttons added to the flamingo project and I still need to finish BS 04-2013-109.  It just needs binding on the armholes and a hem and then it can be worn.  I should have pictures to show soon.

In the meantime, has anyone made one of the patterns above?  Any feedback?


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I really like B5915 too! Just bought it in the last Club BMV sale. You bought some nice patterns!

Kristy said...

I haven't made any of those patterns but I look forward to seeing you make the wrap dress - I'm always on the hunt for a wrap dress with a nice detail

Lynneb said...

I haven't made them either, but now that I see them, I'm thinking they are really good possibilites!

Donna DeCourcy said...

I am making the Butterick B5862 and came to your site looking for help with putting it together. I find the directions difficult to follow, both the gathering, reinforcing odd shaped corners, and locating the self-facing folds. I am presently trying to lap the front right over the left front and find it quite difficult. Also, it calls for a two way stretch, so my lovely patterned jersey makes me feel like I am sewing water! I'll keep checking back to see if you have decided to make this. I hope you have good luck with yours!