Saturday, July 9, 2011

Did Someone Say Pockets?

Last night I was up late working on this:

This is one of the pockets on my current project, an olive green twill skirt, using New Look 6030:

Yes, this pattern is insanely short. And yes, I added lots of length to it, enough to make it knee length! What are you thinking, New Look?

I'm making View D, the same one the model is wearing, only about twice as long. It was the pockets that drew me to this pattern. They have that military/safari vibe to them that I love so much. I experimented with adding the ruffle to the pocket like View E, but my fabric was a little too stiff, so I left them off. I may come back and make View E if I can find the right fabric. I'd love it in camo just like the picture! I also like View C with the high/low pockets. You might eventually see that one, too.

I also picked up a new pattern at my local Walmart yesterday. (I avoid that place like the plague, but every so often I have to go in there, and I like to reward myself by picking up a new pattern... or two.)

This is New Look 6009. Apparently it's been out for a while, but I just noticed it yesterday. It's a top/tunic designed for wovens. I like the keyhole version shown on the model. I doubt I'll bother with elastic at the waist, and I'll have to check the length on it- I'm not sure if the shorter version might be better for me. But, you may be seeing this soon, too.

So how about you? Any big sewing plans this weekend?


Karin said...

Now I want a safari skirt! :-)

Your pocket looks nice.

Kyle said...

ooh, I am eager to see what your skirt looks like. I have that pattern and have been thinking of making it in denim.