Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Can't Decide What to Work on Next

I hate this feeling of not being able to settle down and just work on something!

As I mentioned earlier, I have a very old UFO that I could finish up. Here you can see a smocked bodice and sleeve. I need to smock one more sleeve and add bullion bows to the top of each trellis and this will be ready for construction.
This is Moppet's Day Out from issue 51 of AS&E, one of my all time favorites. I started this for the Princess years ago and never finished it. It's a size 4 so it must have been languishing for 4 or 5 years now. Luckily, I have a precious little niece who will look beautiful in this... if I can get in gear and finish it!

I also pulled out some fabrics and trims last weekend thinking that I'd love to make a simple little bishop dress. A sweet little geometric would be great to work on at night while I watch my season 4 DVD set of Criminal Minds.

The little floral is really calling to me (can you believe that fabric came from Walmart??) I think it would be precious with the white eyelet trim at the sleeves and possibly peeking out from a tuck on the skirt.
And microcheck is one of my favorite fabrics! It's so light and cool for summer. I have enough on hand to make something for the Princess... maybe another Larkin.
I guess I'll go work on the UFO for now, since it's the closest to completion and I should be embarrassed for letting it sit unfinished for so long!
Maybe if I can get it done, I'll feel a sense of accomplishment instead of stress.


Jan said...

Moppet's Day Out is so sweet! I would definitely finish it first! Can't wait to see it!

Martha said...

Don't you hate that feeling of not being able to settle into something? Of course the upside is that you will have a gift done lickety split. It is beautiful as is your smocking as always. Can't wait to see it finished.

Shannon said...

hmmm.... I guess I never thought about clothing UFOs. I'm in my own little quilting world most of the time. Good Luck finishing!

Marybeth said...

Did you do all of that smocking yourself? It's really beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished dress!

Memaw's memories said...

When I had grandchildren, I finished a couple of dresses that I had started for their mother. Thankfully, I still had the fabric to finish them.

I think anyone who doesn't have any UFO's needs help.

I too, love Little Moppets from AS&E.

Julia said...

I love that dress from the Australian Smocking mag. I have that issue and have admired that dress. I haven't made it yet, though. I guess I'm afraid I wouldn't get it finished!