Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall Wardrobe plans

Pattern Review has just kicked off the Fall Wardrobe Contest. This time around, participants have to make ten pieces: 5 tops, 4 bottoms, and a "topper." I'd really like to participate this time, but ten pieces is just a little unrealistic for me. I haven't been very prolific this year and I know what all I have on my plate in the next three months and I just don't think this is doable for me.

However, I could use some new things, and I want to sew, so I've decided to have my own little Mini-Wardrobe project. Feel free to sew along with me if you'd like!

This is a mini-wardrobe plan that I put together a while back using just pieces from the August issue of BWOF.

My plan consists of two tops, two bottoms, and a dress. ( I love wearing a dress!) From the top left:

08-2009-117 A simple ruffled blouse in georgette. I think this would be cute tucked into the skirt or pants.

08-2009-103 A classic bow blouse. It is shown in the magazine in a semi-sheer crepe chiffon- love it!

08-2009-128 A simple, yet very pretty dress. I'll definitely need to make a muslin to make sure those skirt pleats don't emphasize my tummy!

08-2009-105 The high waist pants (hallelujah!) I've already picked out a black and white tweedy fabric very similar to a houndstooth.

08-2009-110 A high waist skirt. I haven't picked out a fabric for sure yet, but I have several things in the stash that would work nicely.

So while the urge is upon me, I think I'll go trace some patterns. Maybe I can get a muslin made today.


Lisa said...

You sew some really pretty things. It will be fun to see how your patterns sew up!

I did some damage in OKC last month. Helen Enox's fine fabrics was the chosen spot. What was even better-no husband and no child!

Anonymous said...

I love the patterns you picked out! I can't wait to see what you come up with on them.

Marybeth said...

I like dresses, too - can't wait to see this one! I like the pleats...

Cennetta said...

Nice wardrobe. Good luck in the contest.

Tamara said...

This will be a really nice wardrobe. Can't wait to see it through the next few months.

Dawn said...

Wow, mind if I just copy yours and say that it's mine? I love all of those patterns.