Wednesday, September 2, 2009

BWOF September... My Picks

I've had the September issue of BWOF in my hot little hands for over two weeks now. I haven't made a thing out of it, but there are several things that I like and that I might make sometime. I didn't like this issue quite as much as the August issue, but I have a feeling that this one is going to be a sleeper. I'm going to come back to it in the months to come and find more and more to love.

This is blouse #118. It's simple and pretty. I love the scoop neckline with the bow. The sleeves are nice, too with the pleats and the simple cuffs.
This is blouse #120. I love the pleated collar. It's absolutely gorgeous and would really draw the eye up to the face. However... I would leave off the flappy thing running down the front over the buttons, and I would probably substitute the plain cuffs from #118. With that beautiful collar, you don't need a lot of other frou-frou going on.

This is blouse #139 from the plus section. This is incredibly beautiful in the photos made up in a white silk chiffon. What a classic piece. I love the V-neckline, the gathers at the raglan seams, and the bow that you could tie as high or as low as you like. I'd wear this with a fabulous high-waist skirt and pearls.

Okay, this piece, waistcoat blouse #129, is kind of odd. But I kinda like it anyway. It's like a vest and blouse all in one. I'd omit the ruffles on the sleeves- they take away from the pretty pleating, and I'd leave off the waist ruffle. Without them I think this would be a really cute top for work.

And here we have Jeans #113. I love the yoke detailing, the pockets and the fact that they aren't low-slung. (Thank you, BWOF!) And the best part? They're the extra pattern with the illustrated sewing course!

And last but not least, is the sheath dress, #138, from the plus section. At first I didn't really give this one much attention. It's just another princess seamed sheath dress. Yeah, the gathers at the shoulder are a nice touch, but still. Then I saw the back. It has a swishy little fishtail hem! How adorable! I'd definately have to make a muslin of this one- the neckline appears a bit wide in the drawing and in the photo. I already had a disappointing experience with a wide neckline once this year. I don't want to have another one.
All in all this a good issue. I can't wait to scrape up some mojo and make something out of it.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and really enjoy it. I was wondering...what does "BWOF" stand for?

Shannon said...

Hi, Nancy! Glad you stopped by! BWOF stands for Burda World of Fashion. Actually they just changed their name to plain old Burda. It's a monthly German magazine that features about 40 to 50 patterns in each issue. It's mostly womens' patterns, but they have a few childrens' things in each issue and occasionally they feature several things for men also. You can check them out at

Marybeth said...

LOVE the 2nd blouse and the one from the plus section, oh yeah, and the jeans - can't wait to see them done!